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Photos and GPS coordinates


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Another long shot perhaps ;)


This being a gadget-savvy bunch of Mubbles, I'm wondering if anyone has done any experiments linking up GPS coordinates with photos. I'm thinking it would be a great idea to have the coordinates in the EXIF tags of my snaps, so that I can search by coordinates to find photos in a given area, or find photos near a given one, etc etc. The only snag is it seems there are no standard ways to store the data.


I found a java library which lets me read all the Exif tags out of a jpeg, and it works well, but I haven't got any examples of jpegs with the coordinate tags in them so I'm not sure how they should look - and the examples I've seen seem to be in a variety of wacky formats. Also that library I found doesn't handle writing, only reading.


Does anyone have any experience with this stuff, or does anyone have examples of pics with coordinate data inside? Maybe from the latest flashy camera phone with GPS plugin??

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OK, so noone!


So I won't tell you about the C program called gpscorrelate then :P


But a related discovery which may interest some people - say you generate a panorama from a set of photos, but there is then no exif information inside, and no timestamp, so it appears out of order when you do the slideshow. Plus, when you try to correlate the photo with the gps track, it hasn't got a timestamp to use, except for the timestamp of the file when you made the panorama which is of course useless. Well one way to recover the exif information is to copy the tags from one of the photos that you used to make the panorama, into the panorama photo itself. And one way to do that is to use a perl program called exiftool. You'll need to urpmi exiftool and also probably perl-doc (with the minus sign) too, and then you're good to go:

exiftool -TagsFromFile <filewithtags> <filewithouttags>

This will copy the tags over and write them into a new file, the original jpg is then saved as whatever_original so when you've checked that the new file is ok then you can delete the _original.


To just see what tags are in the photo, you can use exiftool <filewithtags> or the straight exif program exif <filewithtags>. Or from digikam you can look at the properties of the file and see the tags in the "EXIF" tab.

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Happy Camel is intended to combine your digital camera with your GPS device. It you feed it a list of digital photos and a tracklog, it figures out where these images were taken. It can embed this position in the EXIF-data of your photos and create a .KMZ file for Google Earth displaying your photos at the right positions along the tracklog
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