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Configuring Shorewall for NFS


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Mandriva Control Center GUI for Firewall management doesnt inlcude NFS which I use to network my boxes. But I don't know which ports to open them so I could build my LAN but with security enhaced.


Could anyone tell me the command line sentence to open the necesary ports for NFS and ZeroConf through ShoreWall.

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related ports to nfs


tcp 0* LISTEN 1509/rpc.statd

tcp 0 0* LISTEN 1747/rpc.rquotad

tcp 0 0* LISTEN 1490/portmap

tcp 0 0* LISTEN 1774/rpc.mountd


udp 0 0* 1747/rpc.rquotad

udp 0 0* 1774/rpc.mountd

udp 0 0* 1509/rpc.statd

udp 0 0* 1509/rpc.statd

udp 0 0* 1490/portmap


but sorry not to answer the main question, I dont have shorewall on my box anymore, but if you can edit the shorewall config file manually, then just add those listed ports above to be accessible to from LAN

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You need to add a line to the bottom of /etc/shorewall/rules


ACCEPT   net	 fw	  tcp	 843,655,111,671
ACCEPT   net	 fw	  udp	652,668,837,840,111


This is the format from my file, where I'm "ACCEPT"ing connections from the "net" zone (defined as my external interface) to the fw (firewall - i.e. computer shorewall is on). The information on protocols and ports is from aioshin's post. If you're only allowing access to LAN computers, you'll want to find out what the zones your computer has. It's quite likely mandrake will have named it "net", even though in your case "lan" would be more appropriate.



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