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Want to try Slackware

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Compiling packages from source is easier than in any other distro, opposed to Mandriva's "almost broken" devel packages.


I have to disagree with you there. I don't think there's a better distro at compiling from source than Gentoo. And yes I have used Slackware.


I think scarecrow's point was doing it from scratch as compared to a build system or package manager. Which I agree fully with him :)

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Yeah... building from source whwn you have an ebuild ( or in my case, aurbuild ) is easy... but if you have just the source tarball, you'll need at least writing yourself a build script, which requires some scripting knowledge. jlc got it right.

Not so with Slackware- the binary package is just one "makepkg" away, and you could also do some finetuning, if you wish.

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I say that because I know of many, many cases where keyboards and mice (even PS2 mice!) simply refused to work correctly with the provided 2.6 kernel. Also, several users lost their network connections using the stock 2.6 kernel and others (like me) lost sound and had a slower system after using kernel 2.6. I at least a dozen long-time slackers I know think the kernel is horribly broken. I hope Slack 11.0 will ship a better 2.6. kernel. If te kernel works great for you, so the much better.

Oh man, sorry to hear that, but also glad it worked on two of my computers. I had something similar with Debian (woody) in that when booting, it wouldn't recognize my keyboard! Mouse would work, but couldn't even reboot without hitting reset button! I never knew when it would happen since I boot different distros quite frequently. It is on another hd that is rarely used so I don't have to mess with it any more. Should try new kernel on it, but since I'm not using it, I don't worry about it.



If the problem was occuring when using KDM to login, then enter under [General] in /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc the line:


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