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fstab - suse - no Konqueror


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Guest silverback011

I am not sure what you are referring to using Konqueror. I am guessing that it opens up a text editor called Kate. I have always edited with Vim.


If you wish to use Kate you can just issue the command Kate and it will start (if it is installed). Then open up that file and it will work. Oh, you will need to be root.


Any text editor will do to edit that particular file emacs & vim are the most popular. I recommend learning one at least at a functional level. There will be times you will need them to edit files like these. For instance X refuses to start.


I hope I have come close to answering your question. If not, just post again.

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Thanks for the reply.


Yes, thinking about it I think that Konqueror does open up a text editor. I found Konqueror a really useful application to use - shame there doesn't seem to be a similar one in Gnome.


I don't get much time at a PC now - not other than doing office work, not even wired to the internet, so it all seems a bit rusty.


I'm editing the fstab for a friend though to install an ipod, so at least now I've a better idea.


I'll post back if I encounter any problems.


Thanks again.

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