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kded and SIGFPE [solved]


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I just installed Mandriva 2006 using kde and everything worked fine for a few days. Today, however when I logged into my account there were dozens of random .jpg, .gif and .bin files in my home directory. After rebooting and logging back in kde gives an error that:


The application KDE Daemon (kded) crashed and caused the signal 8 (SIGFPE).


I have tried to open a konsole and kill the source, but it is an infinite number of error windows popping up about every 10 seconds or so. This eats up 100% of the CPU and thus makes the computer useless. I tried logging into IceWM and the same thing. I could always install gnome but I really like KDE. Please help! :wall:

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So far so good - after two reboots no errors yet. I will repost if I run into the problem again.


Before this post I had no idea what kat was, and now that I do it seems like a really cool application. Is there another workaround for the problem besides:


urpme kat

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