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Mandriva 2006: Where is Tux racer? [solved]


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Now I'm back from work and the Nvidia stuff will not install. I checked this out:


Code: /usr/src/linux produces "bash: /usr/src/linux is a directory"


In /usr/src there are three objects:

1) a link "linux" containing 26 objects

2) A file "linux-2.6.12-14mdk" containing 26 objects

3) A file "RPM" containing the following files: BUILD; RPMS; SOURCES; SPECS; SPRPMS. All of these are empty except RPMS. RPMS itself contains the following files that are all empty: athlon; i386; i486; i586; i686 and noarch.


Any suggestions?



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Can you post the results from this command:


ls -l /usr/src/linux


This is the result when I do it on my machine:


[ian@europa ~]$ ls -l /usr/src/linux
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root 18 Jan 27 08:21 /usr/src/linux -> linux-2.6.12-15mdk/


Notice how linux is a symlink to the linux-2.6.12-15mdk directory. This is how yours should be or similar if alternate kernel version.

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Hi ianw1974,



ls -l /usr/src/linux




After looking at many old posts on this website I tried a urpme kernel-source... followed by urmpi kernel-source...

Although these commands worked, it didn't solve the problem. Spent quite a few hours and could not solve the problem and began to run in circles.

Remember, this was all with Mandriva 2006 plus the 8178 nvidia-drivers on my 12 year old daughter's computer.


After a long time, I gave up and installed the same 2006 software and the 8178-nvidia drivers again: Same problem again! Maybe something is wrong with 2006 + nvidia 8178?


After chewing my nails off and tearing hair I gave up. While I went for a long walk my 12year old daughter installed the somewhat older Mandriva 2005, nvidia drivers 7167, and finished it off with my CD with the cumulative updates up to 11/05. This is the same setup as on my computer, and it now works fine on her computer also!


Thanks ianw1974, thanks everyone else. It works now but somehow I feel like an idiot!


Problem solved!


Cheers, Helmut

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