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where can I find msm for mandrake? [solved]

Guest linuxfingers

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Guest linuxfingers

first let me say thanks to all who have made this site the way it is.

its full of info, my head hurts in a nice way. thank you.


i have installed mandrake limited edition 10.2

everything went smoothly and now im wondering what on earth was holding

me to windows for so long. since like 3.1 :cry:


i have over the last few days looked at the info here and i am quite comfortable most

yet though i have a few questions i would like to ask that i didnt find or maybe i

missed due to the thread heading.


im a new user to linnux or bsd instructions so please feel free to laugh at will.


1- what is meant by limited edition as in my mandrakes's version ?

2- like win XP is it possible to have msm or another chat package that will allow

me to talk to my current msm contacts.

3- my site is hosted on a VPS system using centos 3

(i was going to install centos localy but their forum is not worth mentioning)

so i installed mandrake with the intention to learn how to configure and maintain

the backend of my site . ie performance, mimimal resources, sql and apache.

my question is since linux has many different distributors does this means that

mandrake is completly different from centus or do i really need to install centus ?


thank you

Linux fingers

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1- what is meant by limited edition as in my mandrakes's version ?

The name is somewhat misleading, but it is an official, stable, fully-featured release. When Mandriva extended the period between releases to a year, and changed the numbering system as a consequence, Mandriva 2005 Limited Edition/10.2 was released to fill the gap until 2006 was ready.


You may also like to check out Mandriva's Product Lifetime Policy - and welcome to the board. :)

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