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Mandriva 2006 review

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Whenever you burn an iso image, K3B will calculate the md5sum for you.

You may click an ellipsis button near the MD5 sum field, and then you're prompted to enter an MD5 sum to compare with. Otherwise, the big green "V" at the left of this very field is a bit misleading as it means just that the calculation itself is successful ( and not that the image is all right ).

not a trivial thing to do since GIMP is GTK/GNOME, and it wasn't until KDE 3.something (IIRC) that this actually worked properly

It wasn't until KDE 3.smth that KDE started supporting XDND properly :) As long as both toolkits support XDND, there should be no problem with "drag & drop".


I don't have a two button laptop like some people do, so I have no need to remap the right button to take over the action of the middle button.

Has "Emulate3buttons" option of X been cancelled recently? :) No need to remap, just press both buttons simultaneously, and voila - middle button is emulated.


Something that is not solved: kmix. Why do I need all this?

Try kamix for a change - it allows configuring which channels are displayed.

And do believe me that I'm equally eager to see some normal mixer for SB Live! / Audigy cards. Just like one Creative provides for, sad as it is, Windows.



Shouldn't it be rather "paid"?

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Chalex, the laptop button remapping was a hint at Linus' harsh words towards GNOME ;)

Indeed, payed => paid.

Thanks for your feedback!


daniewicz, yeah, I couldn't leave it. I particularly liked a hint on slashdot about how to get the masses to stay away from DRM CDs by calling them 'drm infected'...


Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for reading!

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artee, another nice article!


Congrats on your first landing too! :D


A little humour is always good to see!

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Guest adrian_sev

Nice article indeed :)

Can I ask, how did you made your gkrellm transparent ? Its a very nice efect :)

Once again , very nice job with your reviews !!

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Ian, Adrian,

thanks for the responses, glad you liked it.


Ian, I actually managed to land properly on my second attempt.. not half bad.


Adrian, it's called the 'invisible' theme. BTW welcome to this board, and enjoy Linux!

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On my laptop, the software mixer constantly took around 20% of cpu (apparently to be able to do software mixing since the hardware can't do hardware mixing) so I just avoid kmix on that system, I use aumix instead - good thing Linux offers choice..!

Don't you find this sentence weird ?

Don't you know that kmix does not do software mixing ?

Fix this please !

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Guest MickeyMouse

Thanks for sharing your Mandriva 2006 review, very nice read.


I joint the Mandriva Club (Silver Membership) after I bought my laptop in December 2005. It came preinstalled with Win XP SP2 and wanted to try the Mandriva 2006 XMas Club Release on it. I did setup partitions and procedded with the installation: everything went smoothly and everything worked seamlessly after the initial setup and configurations. WiFi, Bluetooth, Networking, CD Burning, USB devices, URPMI, etc, etc...

That was not expected since the laptop is a top of the line unit from Dell with the latest hardware onboard. I only have praises for the work put in this distro by the coders at Mandriva. Dual boot worked very well.


Just to make it clear, here are the specs for the laptop.


Dell Precision M70

Pentium-M 2.13

1 Gig of DDR-2 main memory

80 Gigs 5400 rpm HD

NVidia Quadro FX GO 1400 with 256 meg

WUXGA 15.4" screen

Intel 2915 Pro Wireless chipset

Toshiba Bluetooth

8X DVD+/-RW (Samsung TS-L532B)


I use a Linksys WRT54G V4 wireless router that works flawlessly with the setup. I tried a few Netgear wireless router but found they were lacking in stability and lost connections a few times a day( not good for irc channel holders)


Linux has indeed come a long way and is now ready for Prime Time.


Take care,



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thanks for the info and feedback!


k6h - if I use kmix (also on the tray, minimised), my laptop has a load of 20%. If I close/quit kmix, the load goes down to a more normal 5%. Aumix doesn't have this problem, and I posted a bugreport about it. Somewhere it was hinted that this is to do with software mixing.

I know that kmix doesn't do the mixing, but it is kmix that has this issue. I don't see why I shouldn't write that.

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What became of the /mnt/removable?


I have a flash-card reader that worked with every prior release of Mandrake/Mandriva, but after upgrading to 2006, there is no /dev/sda1, control panel says this is a usb storage device but says the driver is unknown.


is there a general page somewhere for upgrade migration issues?

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/mnt/removable works fine for me; open konqueror and go to media:/ (just put that in the url field), then see if it shows up.

If it doesn't, weird, you may want to open a topic. Since this might be a kernel related issue, you could try with the multimedia kernel...



sometimes it gets a different name than 'removable', CFcards out of my wife's Canon get a name like /mnt/CANON...

Edited by aRTee

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