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KDE Problems... [solved]


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Apologies for the excessively general title :)


I'm using stock Mandriva 2006 (KDE 3.41) and noticed a few things over the last couple of weeks - notably that my file manager icon disassociated itself from Konqueror along with other a ton of other KDE icons (e.g. a lot of the KDE configuration shortcuts in the kmenu..some icons I associated myself) within the Kmenu. Not a huge problem, as they can be started via 'Run command' or the console, but I figured that I'd have a look at 'Configure my desktop' and that shortcut has disappeared..and the right click menu to do the same just doesn't do anything (it does say 'configure desktop', but clicking on it does nothing).


I *think* that this occurred after I updated the last time, but I may have just not noticed :(


Anyone experienced something similar?


Thanks in advance! :)

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