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Music trouble? [solved]


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Before it works fine but after I type in ls -l /mnt/cdrom/main_updates/media_info/pubkey


After that I insert my cd updated disk it work I can see four files,I go ahead and try out .

After that I try to playing music on cd it won`t play can some one please help me out to fix the problem. :cry:

I`m using Mandriva 2005 limited edition.


Tnx mikecanada

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KscD can't play anything else than audioCD's, so it can't play audiofiles out of harddisk.

Put in an audioCD, start KsCD (if not autostarted), stop playback and enable digital output for the CD-ROM.


It to open KsCD now and it playing music with no sound?

I have to go know,see ya later

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Wait I got for you and it will work 10000%


n KsCD Click the "Extras" button and then select "Configure KsCD" from the menu that pops up.

This opens a configuration window. Click on "CD Player" in the strip on the left of this window, then look towards the bottom of the window - you should see a section marked "CD-ROM Device". This contains a selector for which CD drive to use (if you have more than one) and below that a checkbox with the caption "Use direct digital playback". You need to tick this box if you do not have a separate audio cable between your CD player and your soundcard.


That`s the one :banana::banana::drum::drum::thanks::thanks:

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