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Absolute n00b questions... [solved]

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I really don't know what I'm talking about with linux, but I have a problem with it. I have inherited a Mandrake Linux server (version 9 I think) that is used as a mail server relay.


Several of our users are complaining about receiving 'blank' emails... i.e. Unknown Sender with blank body.


I want to update sendmail on the server to the latest stable version.


I don't even know how to get version numbers or anything.


Does anyone know of a how-to or anything that could help me...?


Thanks for any help

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can't help you with configuring sendmail, but you'll probably find you can update sendmail using urpmi. If you do "man urpmi" in a console to see how to use the urpmi command.


There's probably also a -version on sendmail somewhere. You could try a "man sendmail" or something like that for clues...

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