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Trouble burning iso images [solved]


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Well this is embarrasing..........I've used Mandrake 9, and Mandrake 10; downloading and burning my own CDs from iso files. Now I've decided to become a Mandriva member and I've downloaded the iso files but for some reason have not been able to remember how.... or am having some other technical problems in burning the CDs from the iso files. I'm trying to install Mandriva 2006 Powerpack. I have a dual boot system using Windows XP and Mandrake 10. I've used Nero Burn in the past, but am unsuccessful doing the burn this time. When I put a new CD-R in the drive and try to burn the image, I get about 5% into the process when it fails.


I've been trying to do this on the Windows side, as that's where my Nero Burn software is, and because I was successful in the past.

I was going to access the files from my hard drive from Mandrake, but since I recently installed a second hard drive for some reason Mandrake does not recognize my hard drives any longer........... which is another problem I have just discovered.


would love some instructions as I am anxious to move completely away from Windows and exclusively to Linux.


Thanks much

Yogi Bear

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Check the MD5sums of your downloaded ISO files. You can get md5 summer for windows here

MD5 Summer


There's another way to install Mandriva.. from the ISO file itself without burning it to a CD. Just download a minimal install CD ISO called boot.iso and choose the hard disk drive install method and point the appropriate ISO files.



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Since you say you have Mandrake10 on your machine, how come you are not trying K3B ???.

It is already superior and really easier to use than Nero. I have a legal copy of Nero on my Win2000 but I never use it at all now days since K3B came on the scene. And K3B knows exactly how to handle ISOs properly.

Sure, you can use the method used by a previous poster, but you still need to burn a cd to do it. !!!!!!

Try K3B first.


Cheers. John.

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John, You're absolutely right. I should have been using K3B. Had I known about it when I started this thing. I was unaware that I had a CD burning program with Mandrake until I stumbled across it yesterday.......after I had downloaded the files to my Windows side of the computer. And at first I thought.... no worries, I'll just access those files like I always have in the past. That's when I discovered that after installing that second 80GB hard drive, I no longer can access the windows partitions on the hard drive from Linux. I have no idea how that happened because I could always do so in the past.


I guess my best shot at this is to just download the files again (whew!) but save them to Linux and then use K3B. Then I'll have to sort out the other problem later.


Just wondering however......... would I be able to download only the ISOs that have the additional programs, ( ISO 4,5,6,and 7) and continue to use my Mandrake 10; or is there a significant difference between Mandrake 10 and Mandriva 2006 ?


Thanks for the help,

Yogi Bear

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new info: I tried downloading to Linux and using K3B. K3B starts out ok, but as soon as I get to the burn process (after the 10 second countdown) it gives me an error 254 and ejects the CD.


I'm guessing the TDK burner is defective, although I have no idea why..........it's worked great in the past.

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... but since I recently installed a second hard drive for some reason Mandrake does not recognize my hard drives any longer........... which is another problem I have just discovered.

I think this should be easily fixed by editing your fstab file (in /etc). Your drive's mount points have probably changed when adding that other drive and needs to be updated in this file. If you post the contents of this file... I am sure someone will be able to fix this problem.


PS: I just recently tossed about 6 CD burners myself. They were all different brands and seem to be the first thing to go... usually right after the warrenty expires ;)


PSS: Hello AussieJohn ;)

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After several attempts at burning any kind of data to a CD, all being unsuccessful, I decided to purchase a new CD burner. Installed it this arvo and it runs sweet. I have now burned all 7 ISO images to CD and was hoping to install Mandriva 2006..............however.............


I don't know how.


I tried inserting Disc 1 into the drive and rebooting the computer, but it just fires up as usual with Mandrake 10 asking if I want to run Linux or Windows.


So............ the question is now, how do I install the darn OS ?


It's been so long since playing with Linux that I've forgotten all that I once knew.

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You'll need to go into your BIOS and change the boot order to CD before hard drive. To go into the BIOS, try pressing a variety of keys just as your computer boots up (before the bootloader even), such as F1, F2, Esc, etc. It may say what you need to press on screen.


Once you're in the BIOS, check for boot order or something like that, in which it will list some devices (hard drive, CD, floppy probably). Change CD to be before hard drive in the list and then exit the BIOS with your settings saved. Then reboot with the CD and it should work happily.


Sorry if I treated you like a n00b, but it's easier than treating you like an expert and posting a second post explaining myself :).

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no appologies necessary. I actually am a newbie. I've run Mandrake 9 for awhile, then moved up to 10, and now I'm trying Mandriva 2006.


I finally got the CDs burned, and someone else advised me to check that I actually burned images, and not copies of the ISO files ( which I had done ).....so I had to go back and re-burn CDs.


They now work however, and I'm getting ready to try and do an install.


I've learned enough working with Windows over the years to get around a bit in Linux, mostly through gui...... but all the command line stuff is new to me.


Soon.........someday soon I will finally move completely away from Windows.


Thanks all for the help

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