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F5D6020 PCMCIA Issues [solved]


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I recently purchased this wireless network card and have verified in windows that it does in fact work.

Here is the problem, when I plug the card into my laptop nothing happens. No lights blink, the log

files do not indicate that anything has happened...nothing. With the card plugged in here is the

output of 'cardctl ident'


Socket 0:

no product info available

Socket 1:

product info: "Texas Instruments", "UltraMedia Smart Card Adapter", "1.0"

manfid: 0x0097, 0x1620


Something else that is interesting is that lspci actually recognizes the card! Also, using harddrake

I can tell that the system does recognize the pcmcia controllers.


Finally, as I said earlier the log files do not appear to change after inserting the card. Maybe I am

looking at the wrong files but when I type 'dmesg | tail' on the command line and then insert the

card nothing changes. Any help to get me onto the next obstacle (installing the driver) would be

greatly appreciated.


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Do you have hotplug enabled in your services? If you leave the card in the machine and reboot, does it pick it up then?


If you do get it working after this, then you can check on mandrivalinux.org to find out if it's supported in the HCL, and if not, then you can always download and use ndiswrapper along with the WinXP drivers and it should work that way too.

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Just to give an update. I was able to determine that my F5D6020 used a Readtek rtl8180 chipset by entering my FCCID on my card here: https://gullfoss2.fcc.gov/prod/oet/cf/eas/r...nericSearch.cfm


Then I downloaded the linux drivers for the chipset here:



Finally, drumroll please....It works!


This was also a nice link as well:


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