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FTP server with no router


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hy! first of all let me greet you and say that this is a wonderfull comunity and i respect you all 4 using linux!!! cheers!

this is my problem:

i want to make a ftp but i dont know how thats why im asking you for help. I have a static IP adress i dont have a router and i use MDK 10.1

i would like to make a ftp with a directory were users can put things

also i would like to know how to create users and password for them

i am sorry if this sounds bad but im from Romania and i would really apreciate youre help.

many 10x :thanks:

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Setting up an ftp server without a router is easier than using a router. On the mandrake computer that has a direct connection to the internet, open ports 20 and 21 in your firewall. You can use wizard in the mandriva control centre.

You'll also need some ftp server software, vsftpd seems to be generally considered the best. Configure it as you please using the file in /etc but do remember to make sure anonymous access is not enabled unless that is really what you want.


Edit: users and passwords. With vsftpd, you can use your normal mandrake users and passwords, just add another user as you would normally with the mandriva control centre and allow local users to login using the vsftpd.conf file in /etc

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ok let me first say that im really i noob... i didnt find vsftpd on my MDK cd... and i think i dont use a firewall...(when i nstalled MDK at security i selected none)

i am asking you with all my ashame if someone can make a step by step tutorial on how i can install it (i promise ill print it out and help someone else if its in the same situation like me)

im really sorry again but i hope someone will help me


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The link I provided leads to a step-by-step server setup guide with lots of pictures. If you do not understand what they write there, I suggest you start reading some books about system administration and networking.

A good start would be:




http://doc.mandrivalinux.com/MandrivaLinux...onf_Guide.html/ (It is written for Mandrake 9.0 but most of the information should still be usable)

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