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Mplayer plugin works only sometimes [solved]

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Distro is Debian Sarge. Installed mplayer from the marillat repository fine and it works great. The issue is with mplayer plugin. I used alien to convert an FC3 (4? don't remember) for the plugin and copied it to ~/.mozilla/plugins. If I delete my xpti.dat and pluginreg.dat it plays fine, but if I restart firefox it doesn't play again till I delete those files once again, however, about:plugins lists them. I have checked and the permissions seem okay (all are owned by my user and are executable). So, two questions: 1. Any ideas on fixing this, or 2. Any better place to get mplayer from so it will work better?


P.S. This is a reinstall, it worked fine before, but I may have used a different package to alien-convert. Thanks!






[added "Debian" info to title - arctic]

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Where's the multiverse one?


I've tried mozilla-mplayer, but it 1. Can't play real video, 2. doesn't have full screen and config and such.


Anyone have any idea why I'd have to re-delete those files each time?


Maybe I'll just build from source.

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Well, I took things into my own hands and compiled from source, and it works just great now! Plus, it's probably optimized for my CPU and kernel and was MUCH more fun to install that way :).Thanks for the help.

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No, I talk about:


deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hoary multiverse

deb-src http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hoary multiverse


I'm not sure if pure debian can use these without complication.....

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