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Linksys WMP54G Issues

Guest mushoo

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Guest mushoo

OK, so, a little introduction, as I'm a newb here. I've been using Macs since I was 3 (that was 17 years ago). I know a bit of UNIX via the Mac OSX Bash shell. I've been using PCs rather a bit for the past 4 years or so (when I built my first one). I had this PC sitting around not doing anything, and I decided I wanted to install MythTV on it. Thus linux.


Gentoo was a pain in the ass to install, so I went with Mandriva, as a friend had used it.


Here's where the problems begin! Gentoo, during configuration, had no trouble connecting via my wired 'Silicon Integrated Systems' 900 card (onboard ethernet card). Of course it had a kernel panic when I finally got it to boot, so that was no help. Once I install Mandriva LE2005 (10.2) from the DVD, network wasn't working at all.


Neither the SIS card wired directly into my router, nor my NDIS-wrapper'd Linksys WMP54G seem to work at all. The Linksys seems to waver between being recognized merely as 'wlan0' AND as being 'wlan0' as well as 'ra0' (it's got a bit of an identity crisis, I guess). Anyway, neither of them will connect at all. This is after multiple 'delete a network interface' and 'configure a new network interface' tries, new NDISwrapper versions (modprobe doesn't seem to work, which is odd) and so forth.


I really have no clue what's going on with it. Any help (aside from 'Buy a new card') would be much appreciated (actually, 'buy a new card' would be appreciated, if anyone has some recommendations as to a cheap new wireless card. And if they're interested in buying a WMP54G, even better. :P)


Anyway, I've trolled the forums for a bit and tried the various things I saw, but to no avail... If you've got any ideas, I thank you ahead of time!



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You say that you have searched the board? Well, have you looked at this?


The writer of that guide uses your card.

I hope that helps, although I'm sure you've already read it. I'm not of much help, as I myself am having plenty of trouble with wireless and NDISWrapper myself. I wish you luck though.

Welcome to the board :P . I hope your Linux experience is a good one.

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