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Type: KDE Frontend to Dosbox

Homepage: http://chmaster.freeforge.net/dboxfe-project.htm

Version: 0.0.5-0.63

Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2, Screenshot 3, Screenshot 4, Screenshot 5, Screenshot 6, Screenshot 7.

Description: DBoxFE is a linux frontend for DOSBox. With DBoxFE you can create and manage your configuration files very easily, which are needed by DOSBox. In addition it's also possible to create gameprofiles to generate different configuration files. Since recently you can load the game automatically. I mean, you can add your favourite game in the list and you can start it immediately.

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Type: Frontend to Dosbox

Homepage: jaegertech

Version: 1.0

Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2, Screenshot 3, Screenshot 4

Description: DOSBOXer allows you to easily configure DOSBox to run multiple programs, each with their own set- tings, quickly and easily from a convenient and simple to use interface.

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Type: Frontend/Game launcher

Homepage: GFSGL

Version: 0.91.0

Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2, Screenshot 3.

Description: GFSGL is a program that makes running and installing Games (and other programs) easy under Linux. It can:

- Auto detect Installers on your cd-rom drives (Native and Windows) and launch them

- Make use of autorun.inf/autorun.ini files

- Run native Linux, Windows, ScummVM and other emulated games using either the command line UI or the Graphical UI (games that are not native requires third party software).


GFSGL will auto detect all options in it's configuration file.

It defaults to using cedega/winex3/cvswinex/winex/Crossover Office/wine as Windows compatbility layer but can be told to use any command. The default emulator for other games have no default value. You may also select emulation command on a per-game basis, and it has support for launching ScummVM games. Your games are kept in a database at ~/.gfsgl/ along with your configuration files.

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