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burning .cdi files?

Ghil Vertefeuille

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I did a quick search, and found this link:




I'm not sure if you've tried it. I also did a google for "cdi file extension":




just to make sure I was looking on the right tracks. Hope this helps! :P

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Got this from: http://www.poptix.net/CDI-HOWTO.txt




Revision 1.1


1. Copyright Information


This text is released for free to anyone for any purpose. Feel free to copy, update,

and redistribute. Please contact the author (poptix@poptix.net) if you update this



2. Introduction



This document will help you create a CD from a .CDI image under linux, hopefully

leaving you with a working CD in the intended format.



3. Getting Started


You will need a few things to get started:


3.1 cdrecord


  Unfortunately the version of cdrecord at the time of the writing of this

document will not properly write the audio track of a CDI extracted disk (the

minimum length is 302 bytes, while the CDI format is 300) for this

you will need a patched version located at some of the following locations:





Thanks to Peter Ashley for the patch.


3.2 CDIrip


  CDIrip is "a small tool which will scan and extract the contents of a

DiscJuggler (both v2.0 and v3.0 versions) image. These images end with extension

.CDI, hence the name." You can find this program in many locations, including

the following:





2.3 A CD-R drive, supported by cdrecord (most are)


4. Let's do it!


  I assume at this point that you have the patched cdrecord, and CDIrip on

your system, and in your $PATH.


4.1 Extracting the tracks


  Execute the CDIrip as follows:


  cdirip image.cdi -cdrecord


  'image.cdi' is the name of your .cdi image, after this is completed you

  will be left with two kinds of files, audio tracks, and data tracks:





  in this example, we only have one audio track, and one data track, if you

  have more of either it's okay, they're numbered so you can burn them in

  the correct order.


4.2 Burning the tracks


  Audio tracks and data tracks require slightly different parameters to

  cdrecord, when burning, make sure that you're providing the right

  parameters for the data being burnt.


  For audio tracks:


  cdrecord dev=0,6,0 speed=8 -v -multi -audio taudio01.wav


  For data tracks:


  cdrecord dev=0,6,0 speed=8 -v -multi -xa1 tdata02.iso


  You should of course change the filename in the examples above to reflect

  the track that you are burning, as well as the burn speed, and device ID.



5. Conclusion


At this point you should have a CD-R with the tracks in the correct order, if

you find that the CD-R does not work for some reason, make sure that you burnt the tracks

in the correct order, used the patched version of cdrecord, and did not recieve any errors

from cdrecord after burning any tracks.


Is it any good? :P

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