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Jackit-realtime installation query


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So I decided to update my workstation by installing various audio software. One of them is Jack. After installing Jack, I had poor performance by it (only beeps and clicks when rerouting the mic in to play in the speakers) so I decided to do some research.

I found the Mandrake Digital Audio Workstation guide. One of the things they explained to urpmi for was a package called "jackit-realtime". So I did so and here is the output I received

One of the following packages is needed:

1- kernel-multimedia- : A preemptible Linux kernel, which reduces the latency of the kernel. (to install)

2- kernel-multimedia-smp- : A multiprocessor version of a preemptive, low-latency kernel (to install)

What is your choice? (1-2)

After looking at the choices, a little paranoia was instilled in me. I've broken my Mandrake before, and took much time to repair it, heh. I am using a 2.6 version kernel with Mandrake 10.1 and Blackbox (I disable aRTs for Jack). Can somebody either reassure me that installing one of the packages above will not decrement the kernel, and if so, which one to choose? Or how to get Jack running realtime and properly producing the effect I mentioned (having MIC input play on the Speakers realtime)? I'm using QJackCTL. Thank you in advance.

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The realtime module (that is what you need and will get when you install these kernels)will give ordinary users realtime access to kernel processes. That means there will be less latency problems. You can get the same effect though by running jack as root. :) If you have qjackctl installed you can easily test it. Just check 'realtime priorities' and you will see jack wil not run when you start it as normal user. Now run qjackctl as root and try again.


Good luck.

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