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Graphical interface not starting with Synaptics touchpads


* On some laptops with Synaptics touchpads, the graphical interface may not start. This is because these touchpads needs the evdev kernel module to be loaded. To solve this issue, you need to add a new line "evdev" in the /etc/modprobe.preload file.


Boot problem


Elite K7S5A Motherboard


* Use pci=nobios as boot parameter


Dell Latitude D500: Text mode instead of graphic mode (as usual)


* During install, the computer will show a text mode interface (this is due to a bug in the BIOS that makes only 900 KB of video memory available for the driver). You can get a smaller than usual (but still much more usable than text mode) graphical install by hitting F1 at boot, then typing "linux vga=785".

* By default, the graphical interface is not configured. When prompted for a driver to choose, pick Intel 85x. Then you should be fine with Flat Panel 1024x768, and 16-bit color.


Dell Latitude D610: Hard disk not recognized


* During install, the hard disk is not recognized. Manually add the ata_piix driver when prompted.

* By default, the graphical interface is not configured. When prompted for a driver to choose, pick Radeon. Then you should be fine with Flat Panel 1400x1050, and 24-bit color.



ssh-agent does not start automatically in KDE


* Install Gnupg2 and after all will work well


How to mail with correct encryption using KMail

* Install Gnupg2 and after all will work well


Sound mixer applet not working correctly in GNOME / gnome-sound-recorder crashes at startup


* gstreamer-Gconf package was missing call to gst-register (see bug 15332). To workaround this problem, as root, run gst-register


Menu not updated correctly

* if you ran update-menus as user and if ~/.menu directory doesn't exist, menu automatic rebuild feature will not work. Just create ~/.menu to workaround this problem.




Network unreachable because of wrong firewall settings


* A firewall is automatically installed using eth0 instead of your interface to internet. To get back your internet access in the meantine, you can

o either use MCC / Security / Firewall then OK and change the network interface to ppp+

o or you can disable temporarily the firewall with this command after boot : "service shorewall stop"

o or for advanced users edit /etc/shorewall/interfaces and replace the line "net eth0 detect" with "net ppp+ detect" then service shorewall restart.

* this is necessary for all users connecting with a modem (analogic or DSL with pppoa or pppoe) or users connecting with another interface than eth0


A fix will be available in drakxtools updates. Once you've installed the updates, you have to reconfigure your firewall with the firewall tool from the Mandriva Linux Control Center (drakfirewall).


Prism2 wireless cards not detected

* If the prism2-utils package isn't installed, cards using wlan-ng drivers won't be detected, you have to install the prism2-utils package to fix that (so that the wireless device can be enabled), and maybe start the wlan service (at least for PCI devices)

HSF/HCF linmodems


* If the packages installation order is wrong, the HSF/HCF linmodems may not be configured properly, run "hsfconfig --auto" or "hcfconfig --auto" to fix that




* For Laptops, the installer does not require you to create a swap partition. This partition is required to be 30% bigger than the total size of your memory to allow the laptop to hibernate. Make sure you create this swap partition at install time, with a size 30% bigger than your total physical memory if you need to use the hibernate feature.


-- Main.warlymandrakesoft.com - 16 Apr 2005

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