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Okay guys, I've installed the Mandriva Limited Edition 2005 DVD and I can't startx. I'm getting fatal error, no screens found. After I tried a 'modprobe nvidia' as root, I was able to startx but it hangs every single time upon entering KDE. So here's what I need some help with.


I think I need to install the nVidia driver from the DVD - from the command line. I don't know how to do this.


I also think I need to install the kernel sources from the command line as well. I don't know how to do this either.


I'm definately a command line novice. Can anybody give me a heads up?

This will all be from the single DVD.


Thanks all! :D

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Guest anon

I don't know what comes on the DVD, but i would first proceed as follows:

Boot the computer and at the boot screen (Lilo ) hit the ESC key. This brings you to a consol and a prompt.


Linux 3 (or init 3 ) and hit enter.

After it loads up login as root and enter root password. Then type ;


To configure your video card. This maybe all you need to do to fix your problem, if it fails then select different options until you find one that works, it might not be the card or screen you want but this will allow you to load up KDE and use the control centre to install the nvidia driver and kernel-source if you need it.

To install an rpm thats on your CDs or DVD from the command line, type (as root)

urpmi file_name

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try the command "URPMI nvidia" that should show you the available nvidia RPM's on the DVD.


Either it will install the package straight away, either it will give you a list with available packages, select the one you need and type URPMI NAMEOFTHEPACKAGE


ofc all this under root ;)

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Okay here's what I did so far. I used rpm -e nvidia to remove all nvidia packages that were installed by default by Mandriva. I then rewrote the xorg.conf file and replaced "nvidia" with default "nv". This allowed me to boot into KDE without a problem, I figure I need kernel sources installed to get the nvidia driver working properly.


I now have a mouse problem, and will address that in the proper forum.

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