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Category: Space Adventure/combat/2D Simulation

Homepage: Epiar

License: free

Latest Version: 0.6.0-rc2

Screenshots: Screenshot 1 # Screenshot 2 # Screenshot 3 # Screenshot 4 # Screenshot 5.

Platform: Linux # MacOS X # Windows.

Hardware Requirement: -

Additional System Requirements: SDL # SDL Image # SDL tff # Vorbis

Singleplayer: Yes.

Multiplayer: No.

Demo: No. (Freeware)

Description: Epiar is a space trading/combat role playing game for Linux, Windows and FreeBSD. It is released under the GPL and is written in a modular fashion so you can create your own scenarios, ships, upgrades, and more! It is very stable despite the version number, which merely represents the progress of original features implemented. Completely free, driven by code from the Epiar development team and artwork from Epiar players.

In Epiar, you begin as a shuttle pilot in a galaxy generally ruled by anarchy, with few stable governments and numerous rebel factions. You start your adventure off doing whatever you want, but generally trying to save up money for a new starship, and your adventure takes off from there.

Notes: There's debian package avaible.

Reviews: -

Related websites: Documentation # Epiar Forum.

Added by: Artificial Intelligence



Inherit the Earth



Category: Adventure

Homepage: Wyrmkeep

License: Commercial $20 + mail delivery (all OS version is included on the CDs)

Latest Version: 1.0

Screenshots: Screenshot 1 # Screenshot 2 # Screenshot 3 # Screenshot 4.

Platform: Linux # Mac # Windows

Hardware Requirement: libglade # libxml # SDL Libaries

Additional System Requirements: -

Singleplayer: Yes.

Multiplayer: no.

Demo: Yes.

Description: Rif of the Fox Tribe has traveled far from home with his companion Rhene to compete in a puzzle contest. The night before the contest someone steals the wondrous Orb of Storms, an ancient relic of the Humans, and Rif is accused of being the thief. Rif is able to convince his accusers to give him a chance to find the real thief and recover the Orb. Two warriors are assigned to assist and guard Rif in his quest, Eeah of the Elk Tribe and Okk of the Boar Tribe. In addition Rhene is held hostage by the Boar King to ensure Rif does not try to escape.

Your goal in Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb is to guide Rif on his adventure, find clues to locate the real thief, and solve challenges along the way. You can have Rif talk to Okk, Eeah, and other Morph characters that are encountered during Rif's travels. Rif can pick-up items he finds and give these items to others. Some will only trade information for precious items, although what a Morph considers precious can vary greatly.

With your help, Rif will be able to clear his good name and rescue his beloved!

Notes: -

Reviews: -

Related websites: Manual # Demo.

Added by: Artificial Intelligence

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