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NeverBall & NeverPutt


Category: platform/arcade-ish, similar to SuperMonkeyBall / Marble Madness, also includes NeverPutt, a minigolf-like game.

Homepage: http://icculus.org/neverball/

License: GPL

Latest Version: 1.4.0

Screenshots: http://icculus.org/neverball/#screenshots

Platform: Linux # Win2K/XP # FreeBSD # OSX

Hardware Requirement: Hardware accelerated OpenGL is required #500MHz processor is recommended.

Additional System Requirements: SDL #SDL_image # SDL_mixer # SDL_ttf.

Singleplayer: Yes

Multiplayer: Yes (players take turns)

Demo: N/A (free software)

Description: Tilt the floor to roll a ball through an obstacle course before time runs out. Neverball is part puzzle game, part action game, and entirely a test of skill. Balance on narrow bridges, navigate mazes, ride moving platforms, and dodge pushers and shovers to get to the goal. Race against the clock to collect coins to earn extra balls. Also includes Neverputt, a hot-seat multiplayer miniature golf game using the physics and graphics of Neverball. The current version includes 75 Neverball levels and 62 Neverputt levels.

Notes: - see web page for developping custom levels

Reviews: Both my kids and I love this game, visuals are good, music is pleasant, and this game can be addictive! works great on my arcade cabinet with a trackball too!

Related websites: hall of fame: http://shinobufan.free.fr/nevertable/ happy penguin page, scroll down for user discussion: http://www.happypenguin.org/show?Neverball

Added by: papaschtroumpf



Riot Ball


Category: Platform/Breakout

Homepage: Ironcode

License: Cormmercial - $19.95

Latest Version: 1.5

Screenshots: Ironcode

Platform: Linux # Windows.

Hardware Requirement: Pentium 2, 3, 4 # 450 MHz or faster # 16MB RAM.

Additional System Requirements: SDL # SDL Mixer # SDL Image.

Singleplayer: Yes.

Multiplayer: No.

Demo: Yes. Grab it here.

Description: Break bricks, bounce coins, collect gems, fight bosses, and make a big score in this new arkanoid game. RiotBall is more than just breaking the bricks with the ball.

Bounce coins to get lots of points, but don't take eyes off the ball! Collect the gems, but try to avoid the red ones. Try to score as much as you can in the bonus levels, but be wary of the paddle jammer. Hit the boss with the ball, but be careful about the items he drops! Pull off tricks with the ball and the paddle to gain extra bonuses!

Notes: No doubt the funniest Breakout games I ever tried in years. Good sound and music, ok graphics and alot of fun. Painless to install.

Reviews: Gamercentric

Related websites: -

Added by: Artificial Intelligence



Secret Maroyo Chronicles


Category: Platform/2D Jump&Run

Homepage: SMC Homepage

License: GPL

Latest Version: 0.96

Screenshots: Screenshots

Platform: Linux # Windows.

Hardware Requirement: -

Additional System Requirements: SDL # SDL_mixer # SDL_image # SDL_ttf # SDL_gfx.

Singleplayer: Yes.

Multiplayer: No.

Demo: No. (Freeware)

Description: Secret Maryo Chronicles is a 2D Jump&Run Game built upon SDL. It is open-source software so the source is included in the download package from Sourceforge. If you want to contibute to the project in any way contact the main developers.

Notes: -

Reviews: -

Related websites: Forum

Added by: Artificial Intelligence

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