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America's Army


Category: First Person Shooter

Homepage: http://www.americasarmy.com/

License: GPL

Latest version: 2.4

Screenshot: http://www.americasarmy.com/gallery/

Platform: linux #Windows #MAC # BSD

Hardware Requirement: -

Additional System Requirements: OpenGL # SDL

Singleplayer: can open maps offline*see AAO off site*

Multiplayer: Yes

Demo: no (freeware)

Description:The America's Army game provides civilians with an inside perspective and a virtual role in today's premier land force: the U.S. Army. The game is designed to provide an accurate portrayal of Soldier experiences across a number of occupations. In the game, players will explore progressive individual and collective training events within the game. Once they successfully completed these events they will advance to multiplayer operations in small units.

Reviews: America’s Army is one of the five most popular PC action games played online. It provides players with the most authentic military experience available, from exploring the development of Soldiers in individual and collective training to their deployment in simulated missions in the War on Terror.

Added by: buckshot





Category: First Person Shooter

Homepage: http://www.cubeengine.com/

License: GPL

Latest Version: 2005_08_29

Screenshots: http://www.cubeengine.com/shots.php4

Platform: linux #Windows #MAC #BSD

Hardware Requirement: -

Additional System Requirements: OpenGL # SDL.

Singleplayer: Yes

Multiplayer: Yes

Demo: no (freeware)

Description: Cube is an open source multiplayer and singleplayer first person shooter game built on an entirely new and very unconventional engine. Cube is a landscape-style engine that pretends to be an indoor FPS engine, which combines very high precision dynamic occlusion culling with a form of geometric mipmapping on the whole world for dynamic LOD for configurable fps & graphic detail on most machines.

Notes: built-in level editor allows you to develop your own levels.

Reviews: graphics a little dated compared to the latest windows game but lots of fun, multiplayer is a blast!

Related websites: -

Added by: papaschtroumpf



DH: Lore Invasion


Category: Shoot'em Up/Simulation

Homepage: Garage Games

License: Commercial $29.95

Latest Version: 2.0

Screenshots: Screenshots.

Platform: Linux # Mac # Windows.

Hardware Requirement: Pentium III 733 # 256MB RAM # ATI or NVIDIA video card with 32 MB # 300 MB hard drive # 56K modem access.

Additional System Requirements:

Singleplayer: Yes.

Multiplayer: Yes.

Demo: Yes.

Description: Dark Horizons: Lore is a breakneck-speed first-person shooter based in a universe where the unfolding history of a war-torn Earth is revealed before the player's eyes. Warring factions in the year 2155 pit cybernetically-controlled mech-style machines of war against one another in savage team-based combat on a dark 3D Earth. Ferocious squad vs. squad action takes place as you and your teammates struggle to hold ground and complete objectives against enemy forces.

One of Dark Horizons: Lore's many compelling features is the sophisticated online tracking of player data and history which opens ladders, tournaments and rankings to the Lore gamer.


Reviews: Customer reviews.

Related websites: -

Added by: Artificial Intelligence



Enemy Territory



Category: First Person Shooter

Homepage: http://www.enemy-territory.com/

License: GPL

Latest Version: 1.02

Screenshots: Enemy Territory Homepage

Platform: Linux # Windows.

Hardware Requirement: Intel® Pentium® III # 600Mhz processor or AMD equivalent #

128 MB RAM #32 MB 100% fully OpenGL® compliant 3-D video card # 271 MB free hard disk.

Additional System Requirements: Extra for mods.

Singleplayer: No.

Multiplayer: Yes.

Demo: None

Description: First person shooter, staged in wartime, Allies Versus Axis. Default Maps have objectives that need to be completed by the team, while fighting the opposition team.

Notes: Great fun, a little confusing at first, but you work out the objectives and your way around after a while. The manual on the main site has some stuff in it, but its more fun to just start playing!

Reviews: -

Related websites: http://bani.anime.net/etpro Reccomended mod for standard ET, many servers require it and it does include many improvements # http://www.eftgame.com Full modification of ET, creating a Team Fortress like game, has own review elsewhere on this page.

Mods: True combat

Added by: iphitus



Enemy Territory Fortress


Category: First Person Shooter

Homepage: http://www.etfgame.com/

License: GPL

Latest Version: 1.3

Screenshots: http://www.etfgame.com/shots/

Platform: Linux # Windows.

Hardware Requirement: Intel® Pentium® III # 600Mhz processor or AMD equivalent # 128 MB RAM # 32 MB 100% fully OpenGL® compliant 3-D video card # 200mb of hard drive space.

Additional System Requirements: Existing Enemy Territory install.

Singleplayer: Bots currently unavailable in Linux, but promised!

Multiplayer: Yes.

Demo: None.

Description: First person shooter, styled like Team Fortress and Quake 3 Fortress. Many maps are Capture the flag and Reverse Capture the flag. Some deathmatch styled ones. Totally unlike Enemy Territory, you'd never even know it was a mod of it. Completely new game in that aspect.

Notes: Great fun, easy to get into, try out all the different roles and see which suits you.

Reviews: -

Related websites: http://www.enemy-territory.com/ required to play game #

http://www.etfgame.com/FAQ/ Official FAQ.

Added by: iphitus






Category: First Person Shooter

Homepage: Nexuiz

License: Free

Latest Version: 1.2.1

Screenshots: Screenshot 1 # Screenshot 2 # Screenshot 3 # Screenshot 4 # Screenshot 5 # Screenshot 6 # Screenshot 7 # Screenshot 8 # Screenshot 9 # more screenshots & Video Clips.

Platform: Linux # Mac # Windows.

Hardware Requirement: 200mb of hard drive space

High Quality - Realtime lights and shadows on, bloom on, high detailed maps, 1024x768 or higher res

# A 1.5-gigahertz Intel Pentium 4 chip or AMD Athlon 1500 # 9600ati or 5700fx # 256 MB of RAM

Low Quality - no realtime lights, no bloom

# 800mhz # Geforce Video card min # 256 MB of RAM.

Additional System Requirements: -

Singleplayer: Yes

Multiplayer: Yes

Demo: No (freeware)

Description: Nexuiz has been in development for 3.5 years by a team of amateur developers lead by Lee Vermeulen. It is a 3d deathmatch game made entirely over the internet. The purpose of the game is to bring deathmatch back to the basics, with perfect weapon balancing and fast paced action, keeping itself away from the current trend of realistic shooters. It uses HFX textures by Evil Lair, and currently has 17 maps to frag in. With an advanced UI, the user can select between 15 different player models to use, with an average of two skins for each, and can connect to our master server to play people from all over the world.

Notes: -

Reviews: -

Related websites: -

Added by: Artificial Intelligence




Postal 2 - Share Of Pain


Category: First Person Shooter

Homepage: Running with scissors

License: Commercial $40

Latest Version: 1409

Screenshots: BeyondUnreal # Gamers Hell # Postal Network #

Platform: Linux # Windows.

Hardware Requirement: Pentium 1GHz or better processor # 128 MB RAM # 3D Video Card with 64 MB of memory # 1.4GB hard disc space.

Additional System Requirements: Linux Kernel 2.2.x or later # Glibc 2.1.x or later.

Singleplayer: Yes.

Multiplayer: Yes.

Demo: Yes. Get it at Linux Gamers.

Description: Blood, Violence, Pornographic, insanity, discrimination. This game have it all!!! It's sick, wicked and totally amazing.

* 22 maps of fully explorable enviroments!

* Truly depaved weapons like Antrax-filled cowhead!

* Highly flammable maching bands (a fan favorite)

* Berserk elephants mashing helpless bystanders into paste!

* Kick Gary Coleman's ass!

* 14 twisted multiplayer enviroments!

* 25 insane playable characters including Gary Coleman and Osama Bin Laden.

* 17 outragous teams including Team Taliban!

* SNATCH: Fight over incredible Postal Babes!

* Make your own mods with cutting-edge technology!

Notes: Adult game, make sure there aren't any kids around while playing this game, also if you are easely offended keep away from this game or can't stand blood, guts and vomiting. If you ever played Blood or Blood2 this game is a MUST!!!

Reviews: Action Vault # Action Trip # Beyond Unreal # All the list of reviews.

Related websites: Mod Page # French site.

Added by: Artificial Intelligence





Category: Shoot'em Up

Homepage: Transfusion

License: GPL

Latest Version: 1.0.1

Screenshots: Screenshot 1 # Screenshot 2 # Screenshot 3 # Screenshot 4 # Screenshot 5.

Platform: Linux # Mac OS # Windows.

Hardware Requirement: -

Additional System Requirements: ogg vorbis # zlib # libjpeg.

Singleplayer: No

Multiplayer: Yes

Demo: Freeware

Description:A remake of Monolith's infamous Blood using the modern Darkplaces engine.

TransFusion plunges you into a world originally created in 1997 by Monolith Productions. Created with the BUILD game engine (Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior), BLOOD was a tour de force of horror that has yet to be matched, in which you battled minions of evil in a lightning-paced, blood splattered quest for glory.

Thrill to new, enhanced special effects not seen in the original as you guide Caleb along his gory quest through a 3-dimensional world of horror. But the fun is just beginning then...

When Tchernobog's Cabal has fallen, there's millions of challengers vying for your throne out there in cyberspace. Be sure to hone your skills against the enhanced FrikBots ® before defending your title in online bloodbaths.

This is a standalone game. Blood is not required to play Transfusion.

Notes: -

Reviews: -

Related websites: Blood # Planetblood.

Added by: Artificial Intelligence



Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2004)


Category: first person shooter

Homepage: UT2004

License: commercial, linux suported out of the box!

Latest Version: pact 3355 + ECE additional content

Screenshots: UT2004 # videos at the bottom of the download page: Videos.

Platform: windows # linux (linux installer on the boxed CD!).

Hardware Requirement: Pentium® III or AMD Athlon # 1.0 GHz processor or faster (1.5 GHz or faster processor recommended) # 128 MB RAM minimum (256 MB recommended) # 3.5 GB free HD # NVIDIA GeForce 2 or ATI Radeon with at least 64 megs of video memory.

Additional System Requirements: SDL # OpenGL # sound card recommended.

Singleplayer: yes, play against computer opponents ("bots")

Multiplayer: hell yes!

Demo: yes , see download page: Click here.

Description: Unreal Tournament 2004 is a multiplayer first person shooter that combines the kill-or-be-killed experience of gladiatorial combat with cutting-edge technology. Ten game modes - both team-based and "every man for himself" -- provide even the most hardcore gamer with palm-sweating challenges through unbelievably detailed indoor arenas and vast outdoor environments. As the ultimate techno-gladiator of the future, players will take their fates into their hands, battling against up to 32 other players online in action-packed, frag-filled arenas.

Notes: - also available is a dedicated server for linux

- downloadable add-on Editor's Choice Edition (ECE)

- tons of additional content available for this game, google for CBP1, CBP2, FlagPack

- as noted above, this game supports linux out of the box, so support Epic and buy a copy

- tons of mods, add-ons and total convertions based on this game (not all of them easy to install under linux though). See this link for a list of mods.

Reviews: Awesome! This shooter is really fast (too fast for some) but has a lot of depth, easy to pick up, but can be taken to much higher levels as you get better. Many game modes ensures variety, new Onslaught mode is great!

Related websites: see same website for Unreal Tournament 2003, the previous version, also works on linux.

Added by: papaschtroumpf

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