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KDE 3.4 Install with Konstruct

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Hi there looking for some help.


Downloaded Konstruct to my home folder, and did the following:


cd /home/name/konstruct/meta/kde

make install


This took 12 hours?? (Is this normal)


any way I now have 2 folders

/home/name/kde3.4 = 650MB

/home/name/konstruct = 1.9GB


But Im not sure what I have to do next I have typed the bash command in to shell but still no joy can anyone lend some advice


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I think there is a link to good instructions from kde's website. But I have never been able to get this to work! Why not use thac's rpm's? They are mavelous.

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Guest carl0ski

you can run kde when you already x running to check it out

cd /home/carl0ski/kde3.4/bin



but i dont know how to install it either.


i concur thacs RPMS border useless, especially if you have a slightly non standrad Mandrake install.


one example i installed thacs firefox 1.0 official


and i continuely got and error directory /home/adam/ not found

Considering i don't have a user named adam this is a fault with who compiled it.


Recenty tried KDE 3.4.0 RPMS

and considering my experience is complete opposite to review of KDE3.4

faster than 3.2 and extremely stable (neither of which thacs rpms provided)


It is normal to take hours to download!! then compile the the source code, it took me 3 hours to compile my kernel. (1.46GHZ athlonxp)

this took me 12 hours


konstruct/kde doesn't build or install

amarok, k3b koffice etc


look in



and repeat the kde process for whatever else you want

eg to make amarok


cd konstruct/apps/multimedia/amarok

make install

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