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Old notebook hardware [solved]


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Hi all!!!


These days I got a very old and slow Compaq 1250 laptop. First I tryed to install Mandriva 10.1 with no luck. After I tryed LE2005 RC2, with no luck too, the same thing, after boots and detect pcmcia he say No CDROM found.


When I tryed 9.2 worked... humm... I think that my problem is in kernel.

So I tryed to install 10.1 with the alt kernel 2.4 and voila, this worked.


I also tryed install with 2.4 and switch to 2.6, with no luck again.


Now Im running 10.1 with 2.4 kernel.



My question is... :help:


There is a way to get the 2.6 kernel to work with this oldbook or I will be stucked at 10.1 with 2.4 kernel?

(In the LE 2005 both of alt kernels are 2.6, so I can't install with 2.4 kernel.)


Thanks in advance!

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Discovered how...

Install Mand 2006... after the installation it will not do the firt boot becose of lacking of OPTI module on kernel... boot in rescue mode, install kernel-source from net... configure the kernel options to compile OPTI or something (don't remeber now), recompile the kernel (hehe on this old notebook it take 15 hours to compile the holy kernel, but you can use a variable pointing to the path where the modules you want are, so the make will compile only this path)... regenerate initrd and don't forget to run lilo to update the boot stuff. Now the oldbook works, extremely slowly, but works.

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