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UPS and Mandriva LE2005 [solved]

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I have a UPS mad by APC and until now Mandrake didn't have "native" support for UPSes so in the past I manually installed apcupsd and manually configured it.


It looks like LE2005 has UPS support but when I run the UPS wizard it detects the UPS (connected by USB) then gives me a warning about "Write support for users is incomplete. It lacks some support for some extra that would be lost else" (sic) not being fully implemented, then completes (aborts?) the wizard without asking me any more questions, like what to do when the battery is low.


and that's the end of it.


Is there a separate application to check battery levels and low batt behavior?

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OK I gave up on DrakUPS


Since I have an APC brand UPS, I installed apcupsd and restored apcupsd.conf from a previous backup. I'm now in business.


note that I got a scare when I tried "Service apcupsd status" because I got "FATAL ERROR in apcaccess.c at line 243" but a quick google search exaplined that the daemon takes a while to start up and that I should have waited 30s before issuing the status query. now works perfectly.

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Hi! I just wanted to let you know I got exactly the same problem with mcc (drakups). Same message, same maufacturer. The file /etc/ups/ups.conf ends with the detected UPS device, but with



The Comments in the file say I have to use one of the drivers listed there, but how do I know which one works? I got an APC Back-UPS CS 500 ... Perhaps someone can give me a hint. Otherwise I'll try apcupsd, too.




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