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Direct Input from MIC In to speakers


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Ok, first of all I would like to state what I'm trying to get done. I'm recording wave output from my Keyboard using Audacity. So you see, the recording is working fine and everything. Since there's a chord coming from the aux out from the keyboard, the keyboard is not generating audible sound waves through its speakers. So when I'm recording from the keyboard, I cannot hear what I'm playing at all :P .

So what I'm asking is, is there a way that will capture the MIC In frequencies and play them through the speakers? I've already tried Audacity's "Software Redirect Output" feature, and it muffles and clicks the sound I'm recording. Is there some kind of module/server/daemon I can load after my box is booted up to serve this purpose? I'm looking for something that will play what is being taken from the MIC-In, but does not ruin the sound (preferrably hardware redirection). Thank you.

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