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ALPS touchpad configuration [solved]


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Right, just to round this off: I was asking about the config options and what they meant. Well, I found those too, in the last place I thought to look - the driver package's README file. Yep, it's all there, though it still doesn't explain what circular scrolling is! Anyway, I haven't mentioned it yet, so here's where to find the driver packages:




And that's it. Get a 2.6.11.x kernel, get this driver for X, and yer laughing. Bye now...

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Had to come back to this, for two reasons, one 'good', one not-so-good.


1 - hacking the xorg.conf for this driver is frighteningly addictive! I've spent about the last two days tinkering and tweaking with the synclient utility to get my tapping responses just-so (and I'm not done yet). FWIW, here is the current state of my conf:


Section "InputDevice"
   Identifier "SynapticsMouse1"
   Driver "synaptics"
 Option	"Device"    "/dev/psaux"
 Option	"Protocol"  "auto-dev"
 Option	"SHMConfig"  "1"
 Option	"LeftEdge"  "120"
 Option	"RightEdge"  "830"
 Option	"TopEdge"  "120"
 Option	"BottomEdge"  "650"
 Option	"FingerLow"  "14"
 Option	"FingerHigh"  "15"
 Option	"MaxTapTime"  "150"
 Option	"MaxTapMove"  "110"
 Option	"MaxDoubleTapTime"	"400"
 Option	"ClickTime"  "30"
 Option	"EmulateMidButtonTime"	"75"
 Option	"VertScrollDelta"	"20"
 Option	"HorizScrollDelta"	"20"
 Option	"MinSpeed"  "0.3"
 Option	"MaxSpeed"  "0.75"
 Option	"AccelFactor"  "0.015"
 Option	"EdgeMotionMinSpeed"	"2"
 Option	"EdgeMotionMaxSpeed"	"4"
 Option	"UpDownScrolling"	"1"
 #Option	"CircularScrolling"	"1"
 #Option	"CircScrollDelta"	"0.1"
 #Option	"CircScrollTrigger"	"2"


Not major changes, besides adding "MaxDoubleTapTime" and "ClickTime" because double-clicking wasn't working without them. Oh and the EdgeMotion---Speeds were WAY too high (200 for each, which means hit the edge area, and your drag/scroll hits the roof/floor instantly).


Now, this is all very well, BUT!


2 - Unfortunately, the driver is possibly just a bit buggy, as some of the options aren't read correctly. There is a newer version available, but I'm not 100% sure if I want to install from source in this case - hey, at least it's semi-working now. To get an idea of the problem, here's the output of the command synclient -l


Parameter settings:
   LeftEdge             = 120
   RightEdge            = 830
   TopEdge              = 120
   BottomEdge           = 650
   FingerLow            = 14
   FingerHigh           = 15
   MaxTapTime           = 0
   MaxTapMove           = 110
   MaxDoubleTapTime     = 180
   ClickTime            = 100
   EmulateMidButtonTime = 75
   VertScrollDelta      = 20
   HorizScrollDelta     = 30
   MinSpeed             = 0.3
   MaxSpeed             = 0.75
   AccelFactor          = 0.015
   EdgeMotionMinZ       = 30
   EdgeMotionMaxZ       = 160
   EdgeMotionMinSpeed   = 200
   EdgeMotionMaxSpeed   = 200
   EdgeMotionUseAlways  = 0
   UpDownScrolling      = 1
   TouchpadOff          = 0
   GuestMouseOff        = 0
   LockedDrags          = 0
   RTCornerButton       = 2
   RBCornerButton       = 3
   LTCornerButton       = 0
   LBCornerButton       = 0
   TapButton1           = 1
   TapButton2           = 2
   TapButton3           = 3
   CircularScrolling    = 0
   CircScrollDelta      = 0.1
   CircScrollTrigger    = 0
   CircularPad          = 0


The most serious one is MaxTapTime=0; this means you cannot tap at all (without bending the laws of time, anyhoo...).


Of course, all these can be fixed on-the-fly using synclient OPTION=VALUE, provided the SHMConfig option is on. So, for the time being, my fix is going to be to write a script to correct the values after X has started. Expect to see a question about this in the Programming forum within a few minutes.


Note to developers: I'd love to see the synaptics project forked, to provide a dedicated ALPS driver. From what's been achieved thus far, the talent is certainly there, but this might cut down the redundancy and conflicts that apparently remain.

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