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Guest raghugs

Avoiding reset button when system locks up

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Guest raghugs

Hello Everybody


i think only few people know how to use Magic SysRq key feature built into Mandriva and many other GNU/Linux distributions when system locks up.

The Magic SysRq key is a key sequence that allows some basic commands to be passed directly to the kernel

SysRq key also known as print screen key in most of the keyboards can be used with LEFT Alt key and some alphabet keys to fecilate following features when system locked up.


Alt+SysRq+r will put keyboard in raw mode

Alt+SysRq+s will sync the disk

Alt+SysRq+e will terminate all processes

Alt+SysRq+i will kill all processes

Alt+SysRq+u will remount all filesystems read only

Alt+SysRq+b will reboot the system


Note : If your filesystem is Ext3 or ReiserFS and on reboot it wants you to do a filesystem check, don't touch any key and let it recover the journal automatically,


this information is copied from http://forums.scotsnewsletter.com/index.ph...f=14&t=503&st=1 and edited for easy understanding,

Edited by raghugs

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Yep I knew something about skinny elephants but it seemed a nice topic tip to let everyone see...

sometimes the search facility is 'lacking'

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Guest raghugs
I added this to tips and tricks myself years ago.  LOL


Hello Anon


your link reveals information head and shoulders above my post reveals.

i saw this information i posted above in another forum but in a bit compilcated form,

after some time i forget the information. for some reason my system got locking up frequently so i asked in irc if there is any alternative ways to recover the system after lockup rememering some alternative ways exits but i forget exactly what is it, most of them didn't even provided information my post reveals,

and i breifly looked in the tips and tricks forum

for some unknown reasons your post didn't get pinned.

after some time i accidently came across that tip in that another forum, immediatly i wanted to share that information with Mandrake user board, so i posted it here,

if you think my post duplicates yours badly you can without any hestitation delete it,

but again if you delete my post don't forget to pin yours because it must not get available after digging in forum,

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raghugs: I pinned it (as mod of tips n tricks) because its nice and brief and useful.


Now I should be able to merge these posts.....


raghugs.... I like your post because its exactly what tips n tricks is about (IMHO) .. anon is an old expert :D and Tom Berger was a Guru (read anon's info on the main page)


NOw Ill try and link em together later :D

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