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problem in star office 7


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hi :)


i just made a test with your document and i can open it without any problems with openoffice on 10.1 (i don't have star office). but as OOo and star office are quite similar, i simply ask myself if your staroffice version is simply incapable to open newer word-docs. afaik, staroffice can open some but not all ms-office 2003 files without problems.

the easiest way to get past this problem would be to save the documents on the windows machine in a file format that you actually can open and write to, like office 97/xp or rtf or install OOo. but maybe someone else here knows how to fix it in so7. :unsure:

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When I tried to open your file in SO 7.2 (Product Update 4), it was recognised as a text file. When it opened, there were masses of junk characters, most of them the hash mark. For some reason I am unable to add the SXW conversion as an attachment. It is a single paragraph.

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