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How do I add local media?


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I ran urpmi.removemedia -a. This was after installing XMMS form servers, and it does not work, it closes with a segmentation fault as soon as I ask it to play a MP3 file. Ararok can play the files. This is MDK 10.1 Official.


I could not get it to install from the install CD's. I got a message saying "update media". That does not work for the removable CD's for me. I did the remove of all media. I want to add just the removable install CD's, install XMMS, and then add back in the remote sources.


When I try to add local removable CD's I always get a message indicating it can not find the hdlist.cz file. I have used the media manager and urpmi.setup script and the result is the same.


Is there a how to somewhere? I have found lots of Howto's for remote media adds, but nothing in the doc on how to add local media ( that works ). This has got very frustrating. :wall:

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