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Graphics cards and ethernet ports

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For the Graphics card, consider what your applications require. Do they require Hardware OpenGL? If so, nVidia is your best choice. Even then, you need to consider the minimum requirements for what you want to do. If you want to get into 3D CGI, then you really have to look over the applications' hardware requirements, before you make a purchase. If you are installing the drivers in Mandrake Linux (non-powerpack), your card options are greater (nVidia).


Consider the applications for both OSes. Then make the choice based on that.


For example, I cannot run Daz Studio because the card is below the minimum spec of 64 MB, OpenGL 1.5. This card is an ATI Xpert 2000 Pro, 32 MB AGP, OpenGL 1.1. (on this computer)


On my CGI box, I can run Maya and other high end apps, as well as Daz Studio. I can also run SuSE 9.2 Pro, but not Mandrake Powerpack.

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