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Incorrect Mozilla Install?

Guest Vertigo

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Guest Vertigo

I recently set up a computer with Mandrake 10.0 and I attempted to install Firefox. I thought I had done it successfully, but when I run Mozilla, it brings up Konquerer. The install process worked fine for gaim, but Mozilla doesn't seem to be working. Is there some sort of common newbie mistake that I may have made? And also, are there any opinions about what is the best anti-virus software for Linux? I usually use Zone Alarm, but I'm not sure if it is Linux compatible. I'm going to look into, but I wanted to ask in the meantime. Thank you very much

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i have found the best anti virus app is clam anti virus


how are you starting mozilla?


another popular option is firefox, and you can get that from mozilla's website, then its as simple as unpacking the tar.gz file and running firefox

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Hi Vertigo,


I've installed Firefox on MDK 10.0 no problems. It came down in a zipped file, and I just extracted to home/ian/apps/firefox


I then set a desktop shortcut for Firefox and I then dragged this to the icon panel, so that I had a shortcut (similar to the Windows Quick Links).


To set the default, you type at the CLI:




You can then point to the browser under home/ian/apps/firefox, or wherever you installed to. Then you need to go into System/Configuration/Configure Your Desktop/Components/File Association. Under Application and also Text, look for items such as html and php, xml, etc that will launch using the current setting and add Firefox to the list. After you chose firefox in the directory, add a %U (for opening urls). Then make sure it's at the top of the list.


Some plugins won't install automatically, however the Macromedia ones do. Java will be a pig, but if you see this post that I wrote, it'll tell you how to do it.




You should then be fine with Firefox.

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