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Installing Mandrake from ISO Images


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Is it possible to install Mandrake 10.1 from mounted ISO images when you don't have a floppy drive? Any ideas? The few descriptions I have seen for installing from iso images seem to require making a boot floppy..


Note that I have a 10.0 community version of mandrake on a spare partition. After the install of 10.1, this partition will be cleared so it doesn't need to be saved.. :afro:

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Ok, the challange for me was..


1. no floppy drive

2. no spare cd's to burn

3. a good internet connection. I got the ISO images

4. I know how to mount ISO's :)

5. I have a spare partition with Mandrake on it..


Either, I go buy some more CD's *yawn*


I use Mandrake to mount the ISO images and find a way to install them into new partitions (run the installer)


Find someway to upgrade my existing partition from 10.0 community to the latest 10.1 (save beta for later)


Ideas? Also, I'm reading the Mandrake Club discussion. The link pointed just to Mandrake Club so I'm trying to figure it out.. :cheesy:

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