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In this contact form I'm making, there are 2 checkboxes. I want to make it so that the person that fills out the form has to check AT LEAST 1 of the 2 checkboxes (e.g. it should return an alertbox with an error message if no boxes are checked.)


This is the row containing the code:


<td colspan="2">
<input name="abonnement_op1lijnkrant" type="checkbox" value="Ja" tabindex="20" /> een abonnement op de Op 1 Lijn-krant
<br /><br />
<input name="informatie_campagne" type="checkbox" value="Ja" tabindex="20" /> Volgende informatie over de Op 1 Lijn-campagne (aub specifiëren in onderstaand invulveld) 


The Javascript I used for the rest of the form can be found in the external file 'form_validation_krant.js'



Oh yeah, as you might've gathered, I could also use some Javascript tutorials. If you know any tutorials for beginners, with lots of exercises, let me know!



Thanks in advance for the help!




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What you want to do is add a clause to your submit button to call javascript code that validates fields..



<input type="submit" value="Save Record" name="btnSubmit" onClick="validate();return returnVal;" tabindex="1">


After that, its up to you to write the javascript code and design a system to define the validation.


I suggest that you google on


javascript validate


and explore various pre-written packages for validating web pages. I could tell you how to do it but its better to research it (learn more, go off on tangents) :)

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I already have such a construct. But in this case -and I hate to say it- speed is more important than learning. I'm very busy and I don't have time to mess around too much. Well, perhaps this evening during my leisure time... :(


All I need to know is if-rule with the or-construct for these checkbox fields.


Script is here:


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