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10.1ff Basics for newbies II

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Remember, this is a work in progess!


If you find yourself presented with a command line and have no idea what it wants...


kde will start up KDE - a wonderful gui that should go a long way to getting you started.


halt shuts down Linux gracefully and powers the computer off.


reboot shts down Linux gracefully and reboots your computer


ls lists whatever is at your directory level (like a DOS dir command

cd changes directory like DOS

vi is a nifty neato command line editor

vi /etc/xorg.cong will edit that file

pressing i enters insert mode

pressing Esc ends edit mode.

Esc :wq (enter) will write (save) the changes and quit.

Esc :q (enter) will quit without saving changes


Using vi to edit /etc/inittab will determine how your next boot proceeds: 3 will present you with a command line; 5 will cause kde will be started.


/etc/modprobe.preload preloads modules necessary to run whatever. The exampe is that you add the line "nvidia" after you have installed the nvidia driver successfully.

Hope that helps



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