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What is CVS and how can it helps?


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I tried to download from KDS.Look... and it needs to do with CVS which I am not sure what it is?? so I guess I will go and download from RPMDrake but I see:


Name: 3ddesktop

Version: 0.2.7-0.cvs20040615.1mdk

Size: 361 KB


Summary: OpenGL virtual desktop switcher


Description: 3d Destkop is an OpenGL program for switching virtual desktops in a seamless 3-dimensional manner. The current desktop is mapped into a 3D space where you may choose other screens. When activated the current desktop appears to zoom out into the 3D view. Several different visualization modes are available. You might want to add a keybinding in your window manager for this one.


Is this right one? :unsure:

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