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Help with dialup connection

Guest 3vilc

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Hi all,

using mdk10.1official

I am using a lucent modem although its not this that is proving a problem. I have the kernel modules compiled and working correctly, the problem comes that the only program I have that will connect is KPPP, and I use GNome, thus on a slower computer it takes a while to load such a simple program as I believe it needs to load some KDE libs first. There must be a faster way, without the need to go through the old method of chatscripts at creating connect/disconnect scripts. Although i did try modifying the scripts I found installed to no avail.

The mandrake connection tool wont work as it detects it as an unsupported modem and doesnt seem to provide a means to setup a connection manually. The Lucent serial module creates its own modem device entry as /dev/ttyLT0, although I have it set up to link to /dev/modem on boot for compatibilty with KPPP (took long enough to find the right place in the rc scripts to put the command as udev destroys the link on boot :)

Is there a simpler program to use that isnt so resource hungry, or can somebody point me to the scripts and config files for an pppon/pppoff style connection. This would also save me a lot of disk space on a machine which is very lacking in it, as I only have the kde packages installed to be able to use KPPP otherwise i dont need them


Thanks in advance


Clive M.


Linux:- In a world without fences, who needs Gates..

Celeron600 Mandrake 10.1

P120MMX DamnSmall 0.9.1

DataGeneral D413 in VT102 mode

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I use kppp however wvdial may be what you are after as an alternative. I have set up a ppp-on style connection for my slackware system an will post the scripts when I get back home tonight.





# General configuration options for PPPD:
# Uncomment the line below for more verbose error reporting:
# If you have a default route already, pppd may require the other side
# to authenticate itself, which most ISPs will not do.  To work around this,
# uncomment the line below.  Note that this may have negative side effects
# on system security if you allow PPP dialins.  See the docs in /usr/doc/ppp*
# for more information.
asyncmap 0
name "[login name]"



"" "AT&FH0"
OK "atdt[ISP Phone number]"

does this help?

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