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very strange freeze

Guest echomen

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Guest echomen

hello. well im using linux for over a year and now i tried to run madrake 10.1 offical. installation went ok, i selected no ACPI (otherwise would freeze in loading kernel) and fired it up. first time boot went ok, i logged in as root and tried few things, then rebooted.. now the problems begin. first it freezed during firewire detection. i reinstalled. first boot ok, the freezed during netconfig check. i reinstalled. first boot ok, after reboot it freezed during hardware check. then i gave up. i checked all logs and i couldnt see anything wrong. so please if any of you had simillar problems, help :(




1. it was installed on hda6 (hda1 - slackware 10, hda2 - swap, hda3 - laptop rescue partition, hda4 - xp, hda5 - suse 9.2 pro)


2. during x-config i selected Radeon - no 3D, so i got text LILO

3. first boot was always succesfull

4. second boot wouldnt work

5. i always reformatted during new installation

6. tried many different boot setting, unsucessfull




laptop acer travelmate 4501LCi

centrino 1,5

512 ram

ati radeon 9700

40gb hdd



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Guest echomen



i tried few more times installing...


i can boot the system with the failsafe option. anyone know what excatly appends to failsafe except acpi=ht? maybe i could tweak the loader to run normal with few failsafe options to see what is wrong.


anyway, after new installations it freezed during checking new hardware and it was the first boot, and after second installation it freezed in message "Welcome to mandrakelinux 10.1"


i cant really see what is wrong with this message :) i think it has something with my hardware that is blocking normal mode.


if anyone knows what options append to failsafe, please respond.



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Im guessing you might need to add safe optoin to the lilo.conf


these would probably be those you need to install...


nodma acpi=off nolapic noapic


Is a pretty 'safe' list but I doubt you'd need it all...

perhaps try it then remove the nodma and try again?




they can just be stuck after an append = in /etc/lilo.conf then rerun lilo!

(just typing lilo as root)


While you are there you will see failsafe and see the options....it uses




hint... you could have edited your post and added the extra info...

the benefit being it shows up in a search for unanswered posts :D

its just a hint though

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if it helps, here's my "failsafe" lilo entry........






append="failsafe acpi=off resume=/dev/hda6 devfs=nomount"



that's a pretty generic "failsafe" entry for lilo. it'll boot you to a prompt to help in trouble shooting. resume= specifies the /swap partition to use devfs=nomount tells it not to auto mount any partitions. see man lilo.conf for tons of other options, but the above should prolly do what you're after.



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Guest echomen

i think mandrake just dosent like me :(


after reinstalling for 30 times i managed to get the boot process runing with noacpi=off option (lapic and apic are on)


boot works fine now but freeze has taken another victim. its the root :)


i am auto logged into Xorg with test user and everything works fine. but if i su to root and then modprobe ipw2200 to activate wlan, system freezes (just like with the boot).


if i disable auto login and try to enter Xorg as root, Xorg freezes (i can move mouse cursor, but nothing loads up).

if i startx as root, xfree loads but it is all messed up (nevermind that) and then modprobe ipw2200 - freeze.


it seems that it has something to do with the network (lapic or apic?).


these are errors while booting:


Bringing up device eth0 = FAILED

Bringing up device eth1 = FAILED


(everything else checks OK)



when i tried to noapic and nolapic, system wouldnt load at all. there was only blank screen after lilo.


any suggestions?

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