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I was linked to podcasting the other day by a friend, and it's awesome. What is it? I'll tell you.


podcasting is almost like an audio blog, you podcasting client downloads the rss feed, and aggregates the mp3s from the links within.

Except it's used for more than blogs, there are radio shows, casts promotings new music groups, all sorts of things, and it's damn entertaining!

Think of it as a way to listen to a radio show of anything you want, there's plenty of linux talk shows, music, games the range is awesome. Also because you download it when you want to, you can listen to it when you want to.


It's kinda hard to explain, best way to find out is to get a podcast and listen in, it's still relatively new, but it's great, there's plenty of podcasts to subscribe to and listen to, just check one of the many sites.



is a good start with a large index and covering of plenty of podcasts.


For a client, you can use:


To run it, download the zip


Unzip it,

To install, run: java -jar install.jar

Then go to where you installed it and run java -jar bin/jPodder.jar

There are instructions and the like on the website.


Or if you're like me and would rather a command line one we can stick in cron and forget about, bashpodder.


or my modification



Have fun.




ps: no you dont need an ipod or anything apple :)


Some of the podcasts I've been listening to and reccomend to start with are:

The Linux Link Talk Show


They talk about linux.. usually, though they tend to go on about whatever. Funny and entertaining


Dawn and Drew


Another funny one I listen to, I reccomend it, from the few episodes i've listened to, it looks like it will be great. It's also number 1 in the top 10 :D


And just about anything in the top 10 here:


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Guest elisha

Thank you so much for this post. I really have a question if podcasting and rss feeds are just the same? I am sorry for that silly question but I really don't know the difference between the two.


Again, thank you so much for this post. It gives a lot of information.


Oh by the way I found out that this is an old thread. I am sorry for pulling this up however I just posted my comment here just to appreciate what iphitus had posted. Great job.


Simulation pret immobilier

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Podcasts can make use of RSS, in that you can create an RSS feed for people to follow so they see when a new podcast is uploaded. You can also link to the podcast in the RSS feed.

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