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installing 10.1 along side 10.0 best method?


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Hi, I would like to install mandrake 10.1 along side 10.0 for testing purposes.

I would like to be able to choose which distribution I boot too. The only partition I need to share would be /home. Is this difficult to set up with the existing install program? Any issues to be aware of?



R Haynes

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it's very easy. i do the same thing.


boot from the install CD, choose expert install, format the partitions you want for 10.1, leave 10.0 untouched, proceed with the install. the only thing you need to do is not let it install a bootloader when it comes to that point. once the install is complete, you boot into your 10.0 install, mount the 10.1 partitions & edit Lilo (or grub) to put a new boot option for 10.1.


the easiest way to mount the 10.1 partitions (IMHO) is use MCC->mount points->partitions. clear the back up warning you'll get (you won't be needing to back anything up here) & click on each 10.1 partition, name it, then mount it. you'll want the name to start with /mnt. then name the 10.1 mount points whatever you want. for instance, mine is like /mnt/mandraketest/root, /mnt/mandraketest/usr, etc. when you're done mounting & naming all of them, save the changes & agree to let it edit fstab for you.


then, to edit lilo (i don't use grub, so if you do, you'll have to edit it however you edit grub) open lilo.conf as root with a text editor, & add the entry for 10.1. here's an example of mine for reference......






append="devfs=mount splash=silent acpi=ht resume=/dev/hda11"




after you edit lilo, save it, then in terminal as root type the following to update it......


lilo -v


if you get an errors, check your edit & fix what needs fixing. if you get no errors, reboot & choose the new entry you made.



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