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ID string required for an eMachines box.


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Does anybody know how I can get to id the bios id string on an eMachines desktop (model 667).


Typically, on boot up the Phoenix id string appears in the bottom left hand corner - not so on the eMachines - and then there's the stupid e splash screen which cannot be overidden.


I want to perform a flash upgrade but need the id string.



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Escape doesn't work?


'Escape' only brings up the boot sequence! This is madness. Seems its an eMachines thing. I've spent hours googling, and not been able to locate anything which will help me identify the bios id string. And the eMachines web site is absolute pants.


I found a download at one point which could id the bios string - but it was 4 winblows only. Not been able to find anything Linux wise.


I'm totally googledwhacked :wall:

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