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Guest cisforCOJO

Hello All...


I just installed the new version of OpenOffice (1.1.3) and removed the OpenOffice packages.

I am running Mandrake 10.0 and used rpm -e --nodeps OpenOfficexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to remove the packages. Now however, OpenOffice has been removed from my KDE menu. Although I've changed the paths in it to reflect the new location of OpenOffice, it still won't show anything in relation to OpenOffice. How can I add this back to my menu without having the rpms installed? Thank you!




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after you added the new path to OOo did you save the menu changes? also, 2 other things to try..........


1. restart KDE. sometimes you have to do that for menu changes to take effect.


2. in terminal as root, then as normal user, run the following command.......




that will update the menu structure system wide & for user. again, you may need to restart KDE afterwards.



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