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Simple Lilo question


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Hi, this question sounds like it should be simple, I hope. I have Windows 2000, Windows 98 and Mandrakelinux 10.0. When I turn on the computer, I get the Lilo boot manager. At the bottom is listed windows. If I select windows, I go into the Windows 2000 boot manager where 2000 and 98 are listed.


Can I make Lilo list Win 2000 and Win 98 in it's menu and bypass the 2000 boot manager?



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Yes 98 and 2000 are on seperate partitions. I tried to add an entry to Lilo directing it to the partition with 98 and a seperate entry for the 2000 partition but, it still goes into to 2000 boot manager either way.


It might have something to do with the boot.ini on the Windows systems. I haven't looked yet, but the boot.ini should be on the C: drive, which is Windows 98. I might play around with that and let you guys know what I find out. Don't worry, I'll make sure I backup the original boot.ini so I don't screw it up completey.

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Basically, both of your win98 and win2k partitions are starting from the same location (the win98). The boot.ini file probably lists them both and if you check Win2k, it probably has links into the Win98 partition. If you were to clear your win98 partition, you would immediately realized you were snafu with your win2k as well.


I used to do this though (run them both with linux lilo).. but I used a partition manager (system commander) that allowed me to hide win98

while I was installing Win2k. Basically, whatever partition you picked the partition manager would make that the 1st available partition and each time you booted, it would do this for you (make it 1st). Lilo can do the same.


Eventually, though I got rid of system command and win98 both. I couldn't figure any reason to keep win98 around.. win2k was more robust..

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