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Need Wireless Advice!


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I need to get a wireless router and a PCMCIA card for my Debian laptop, as well as a wireless adaptor for my Xbox.


What hardware do you recommend that isn't too expensive and will suffice for these needs? I don't run Windows at all, so it has to be fully Linux-compatible.


Don't worry so much about the Xbox if you've never networked an Xbox before.


I'm on a tight budget, and I'm in Canada, so if you know a good online store, let me know!


Thanks in advance.


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I've had really good success with Linksys routers. I have a Wireless-B model that works really well.


As for adapters, I know nothing about usb adapters, which is what you'll most likely need for your X-Box, but if you find a pcmcia card based on an Orinoco chipset it will work out of the box (well, my FAQ will get you started anyway). I have a Siemens Speedstream Wireless-B card that works perfectly. In fact, it works in Linux at my friends house where it won't on the Windows side. Not too sure why that is, but it's nice.

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I second the linksys router. Mine works great as well and the g model was recently on sale in the States($59 with rebate, b model $49). For surfing and lite file transfers the b is more than adequate IMHO and is usually a few bucks cheaper. I've heard a some horror stories with D-Link routers so I wouldn't go there.

As for cards, that is such a crap shoot. All the vendors have become very closed mouthed about their hardware details making it difficult to know what your getting. I've heard that Broadcom has different chipsets on the same model number, one compatible with linux, the other not. I started researching this and it seemed like a real morass. My new laptop came with a built in wireless card that I luckily got working perfectly with ndiswrapper and the windows driver so I stopped looking.

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I'll go with what's recommended for sure, so a Linksys B or G router. I'll see if I can find Siemens card too.


Thanks guys.


Anyone else have recommendations?

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Linksys routers are great and netgear seems to be very good as well.


I have a Mecer (not sure of the chipset) - they aren't VERY common, which is a good thing - because they suck ass! It keeps losing signal for no reason and the on-board software, while functional, is counter-intuitive.


For PCMCIA cards, I don't have any experience with them, but a friend of mine has an LG which he claims is very good with Linux.

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