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sound like sandpaper

Guest davidknibb

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Guest davidknibb

I've installed 10.1CE on two different HP laptops. On one there are no sound issues, and the 'jingles' on boot up are fine.

On the other, the 'jingles' are relpaced by what seems like sandpaper rubbing on wood - a dreadful scratching noise. Oddly, when I play an audio CD the music is fine, but if I play a DVD, I get the sandpaper again.

Any obvious solutions please. I'm no expert, so simple solutions would be welcomed !

Thanks a lot


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have you checked what sound drivers you are using & tried changing them around?


if you use KDE, go to Kontrol Center (IE: Configure Your Desktop)->sound->sound system & try changing drivers around (alas, oss, arts, auto).


also, it could be a DVD encoding issue. i'm not real familiar with DVD specific issues. you could try searching the software installer for any neccessary DVD files/libs/etc. you might be missing & need.



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