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Screenshot program

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Hi guys,


I need a program that will take screenshots with the mouse pointer/cursor in them. I've used ksnapshot and the gimp, but both seem to remove the cursor...unless, of course, I've missed a preference somewhere. I've got a lot of screenshots to take (illustrating a how-to book), so ease of use is important. Suggestions?




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The way I do that is to create a vnc session and take screenshots of that, with ksnapshot or the gimp.


Another option should be to use fbdev as video device.


The 'problem' of not getting your mousepointer is that the video graphics card actually draws it on top later, so X (the graphical server) only knows what location it's at, and X can tell the graphics driver which mouse pointer shape to use. But it can't really 'see' it. As far as I know, at least.

This is also why normally you can't take screenshots from video players (xine, mplayer etc), which write the video stream to the frame buffer (same as where the mouse pointer gets drawn). Unless you set the player to use XShm, in which case X has to do all scaling - leading to bad/slow playback.


In any case, with VNC screenshots you should be able to get the mousepointer into your picture.


vncserver --help

if it's not there:

urpmi tight-vnc-server

(or try

urpmi --fuzzy vnc

for package names)


You need the vncserver to start a session, and the vncviewer (there are other options too) to connect to it.

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I just add in the mouse cursor after the fact in Gimp.

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