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Font problems since upgrading to 10.1

Guest Zoe F

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I upgraded Mandrake 10 to 10.1 (using the upgrade function on the disks), and so far I'm almost entirely satisfied except for one problem... My fonts no longer work properly. I had installed all of my Windows fonts, and things displayed fine on 10, but since the upgrade I'm back to using the default fonts.


The fonts are definitely installed, I can select and use them in programs like OpenOffice and The Gimp. However, they aren't automatically detected and used in any web browser (Mozilla, Firefox, Konqueror, Opera), GAIM, etc. Here's the things I've done so far in attempt to get them to work:


Removed and reinstalled the fonts

Added fontpaths in XF86Config/Xorg.conf that pointed to each of my font folders

Enabled freetype fonts in unix.js, added individual font paths in that

Made sure that "freetype" was in the XF86Config/Xorg.conf

Reinstalled Mozilla, installed FireFox and Opera, no luck

Recreated the fonts.scale and fonts.dir files

A handful of other things I don't remember...


Any suggestions?


[moved from Software by spinynorman - welcome aboard :)]

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