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boot w/o boot loader

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helo guys


i have a qustion here that i am trying to find an answer for for ages here it goes

i want to boot mandrake w/o bootloader (lilp gurb or what ever ) that ask me what to boot each time i boot up my pc i just want my pc goes starigh to window$ and when i want to use linux i inseret a custom boot disk/cd and it boots my linux installation i used to do it with redhat 8 but i left it cause i cant find a drive for my sound card


and mandrake rocks :headbang:

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Open Mandrake Control Certre .............> Boot ........> Boot Loader ..........Select GRUB in "Bootloader to use". Select ....../dev/fd0 in Boot Device.


Insert a blank but formatted (fat32 ) floppy disk. Put a "tick" (check.....in USA) in ...Force no APIC and also ...No ACPI. ..........> click NEXT then finally check that you have your Mandrake as default.......it should have a * at the end of its title and finally click on.............FINISH. When you do this it will automatically install the bootloader on to your floppy.


Then reboot using first a win98 boot disk or the Mandrake No.1 CDROM to enable restore the MBR. When you do this the machine will automatically boot into Windows and from then on whenever you want Mandrake you will need to insert your Mandrake boot up disc.


It is a lot simpler using Grub than using Lilo.


Cheers. John.

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very nice replays i like but there is a trick i dont have a floppy disk there a problem with my mobo any one have suggestion where can i download the boot disk image or can someone send it to my yahoo mail box pm me for the e-mail

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